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September 11 2017



Bubblers provide water pipe functionality and filtration from the ease and portability of the normal hand pipe. Plus, a bubbler is flexible and may just as simply perform for a dry pipe- just never include drinking water. The flexibleness of bubblers would make them a completely necessary element of each individual smoker�s assortment. Bubblers tend to be the fantastic parts for journey and glimpse equally as excellent with a espresso table! Mainly because bubblers are generally a tiny bit more expensive than common hand pipes, they tend to seem a lot more unique as they need a basin-like bowl to carry water. This layout enables glass blowers to acquire a tiny crazier with bubbler designs than they could with a essential spoon, creating bubblers an apparent option for major glass collectors!

Silicone Bubblers
Smoke Cartel includes a range of different fashion bubblers from the collection. Several of our bubblers are labored with fumed glass, sandblasted with unique styles, or are crafted within the well-known sidecar style. Many of our bubblers attribute two chambers each equipped with high-functioning percolators. We have even obtained bubblers for concentrates, enabling concentrate smokers to love their oils and waxes on the go.

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